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The ultimate tribute to CNC machined knives, the Archer is a hard-hitting framelock flipper. Designed by TJ Schwarz and manufactured in Dallas, TX.
  • MagnaCut Blade Steel
  • Matte Finished Blade
  • 63-64 HRC Blade Hardness
  • Distressed X-Tone Ti Scales
  • 3.4" Blade Length
  • 4.7" Closed Length
  • T8 Custom Hardware
  • Milled Ti 3D Pocket Clip
  • 14C28N Lock Insert
  • 18 Ball Double Row Custom Skiff
  • 8.1" Overall Length
  • Thickness 0.445"
  • 0.125" Blade Thickness
  • 0.01 Behind the Edge
  • X-Tone Clip + Backspacer
  • Total Weight 4.5oz

Meet the Archer

From the inception of Tactile Knife Company we've dreamed of making the best knife we could with the equipment on hand. After some recent upgrades and expansion, we needed a 'Halo' project to push our team and processes to the limit. This had us searching for the right designer.

At a trade show in 2022 the stars aligned. Tired after a long day, we were hangry and asked a few other guys to join us for some Pizza. TJ Schwarz, a prolific designer from Boise, Idaho was one of them and a friendship was founded. We knew we needed to work together and the concept of the Archer Hyper Knife was born.

Utilizing premium materials and a finely-tuned process, every piece of the Archer is painstakingly crafted into a work of machined art. Emphasis was placed on finishing, with no expense spared. The Archer represents a Tactile product through and through – made entirely in house by our talented team and quality you can feel.

What's a Hyper Knife?

In the modern age of knife making many companies have transitioned from stones & files to CNC machines , allowing them to craft and contour components with extreme precision. A "Hyper Knife" pushes the boundaries of these abilities and then flexes on top of that – adding fine details to put them on the top of the proverbial knife food chain.


TJ is a prolific designer from Boise, Idaho who's worked with many powerhouse knife brands. Even if you haven't heard of him, you've probably seen his designs at many brick and mortar stores. To learn more, we highly recommend the Edge & Flow Podcast TJ cohosts with Lucas Burnley where they explore the knife industry, craftsmanship, business, creativity, and beyond.

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